Weekend Wrap Up

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."

-Henry Van Dyke

Dear Reader,

Indeed, I think spring showed up this weekend.  I was able to take my son out for a number of bike rides around the neighborhood, and we relished the great feeling of wearing short sleeves and no coats after a long wait for that occasion!

This weekend held a nice balance of work and play for our family.  We soaked in the nice weather, and yet also accomplished a few key items.

My husband tiled above the shower in a bathroom this weekend.  A nice improvement to the space.  (My husband does a great job of tackling just about any project, which is amazing to me.)

I delivered a set of 4" photo blocks which I had prepared for a wonderful friend of mine.  Here is a photo of the start of the process (tutorial sometime soon to follow.)  You can see the end result on her blog, and I'm so glad they turned out nicely!

And the bike blocks for my not-so-little boy reached completion.  My son is very happy with them, but his first comment to me in receiving them was, "Now you can start a set of owls."  I may not be getting many blocks to the shop as my boy may keep his mom busy with sets for a while!

Hope the week is starting well for you!


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