Simple Gift Wrap Plan

Dear Reader,

With the timing of Thanksgiving, I think Christmas may sneak up on me this year.  I enjoy buying gifts and wrapping them, and so I have started on both - perhaps a bit on the early side.  This year I decided on a simple plan: craft polka dot gift wrap (which I found at Target for $1 per roll), red and white baker's twine (a dollar bin find also at Target) and hand-stamped names directly on the wrapping paper.

Here's how this plan came together:

Fun, right?!  I am hoping that these next weeks will be a time for joy and wonder and a time to enjoy Christmastime moments with our family and friends.  And may that be true for you as well, friends!

Thanksgiving Tree

Dear Reader,

It has been too long!  I hope you all have enjoyed the season of falling leaves, football games, and warm cider.  We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate with my parents and my husband's parents.

Last year my husband and I put together a Thanksgiving tree with my son.  Nothing fancy about this project, but worth mentioning as a great activity to enjoy together.  I took a small branch from our yard and placed it in a vase.  We cut out colored construction paper leaves, punched them and added a piece of yarn to tie the leaves to the branch.  On the leaves we wrote about people for whom we are grateful and other gifts in our lives.

This could also be an enjoyable activity to complete with Thanksgiving guests.  I am grateful for you, dear readers and friends, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!