Bread and Wine

Dear Reader,

I recently finished reading Shauna Niequist's new book Bread and Wine.  If one word would sum up my experience reading (and re-reading) Shauna's first two books and now Bread and Wine as well, the word would be resonate.  I found myself identifying with her experiences in a way that left me with some thought-provoking questions and comfort in sensing some shared thoughts.

Bread and Wine provides a unique structure in coupling Shauna's personal experiences with tried and true recipes for her readers (and perhaps fellow foodies!) to enjoy.  I appreciated the stories and then loved the conclusion of each chapter, which tempted me to pick up the book and head to the kitchen.  I have prepared a few of the recipes, including Annette's enchiladas and the breakfast cookies - both wonderfully successful on first trial.

Even more, I found myself challenged to be more willing to reach out and be more hospitable in our home.  With small children I am often wondering how to balance the goal of reaching out to our guests while caring for our kids' needs.  I think Shauna's book was an important reminder of the purpose of hosting, "But it isn't about perfection, and it isn't about performance.  You'll miss the richest moments in life - the sacred moments when we feel God's grace and presence through the actual faces and hands of the people we love - if you're too scared or too ashamed to open the door."  Indeed.

I rarely post quotes or share about books that I am reading, but this blog is meant to share my sources of inspiration, and Shauna Niequist continues to provide a rich source of inspiration for me.  And the recipes are fabulous (and often very healthy as well.)

The timing of this book and this post seemed very appropriate as we are in this Holy Week where we reflect on Christ's body and blood and the gift of His sacrifice for us.  The last two chapters of the book were my favorites, and I will end this post by quoting Shauna's words, "Every time we eat, every time we gather, every time the table is filled: He's here. He's here, and he is good."

Please note:  I received an advanced copy of the book, but received no compensation for this review.  The words and thoughts above are my own.  I look forward to sharing this book with friends and family and using these recipes in the months to come.

Treasury: Think Spring

On this very snowy March day in Michigan, I need some hope that spring will arrive.  Here are some lovely finds on Etsy that improve my mood and encourage my spring fever.  Happy Tuesday, friends!

On the Menu: Orange Jicama Salad

Dear Reader,

I hope your week is going well.  The sunshine is out by us today, and I could not be more grateful to see it!  I reach a point in winter where comfort food begins to lose any appeal, and I can't wait for the season of salads and fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. 

This recipe is from my dear aunt, and she adapted it from a recipe in one of Jane Brody's cookbooks.  If you have never tried jicama before, I would encourage you to sample it!  I think it pairs nicely with the citrus and offers a fresh option for this time of year.  Enjoy!

Button Hair Clips

Dear Reader,

All has been silent on the blog for more than a week as our family recovered from the stomach flu.  Each of us took our turn, and we are so grateful to be on the other side of that.  No fun.

I have had in mind a little project for a few weeks.  I read Jami Nato's blog and have wanted to try out her fabulous idea for button hair clips.  I finally put some together this week and couldn't be happier with the result.  Cute.  Colorful.  Inexpensive.  What is not to like?!!

supplies: buttons, hair clips, and super glue

glue.  drying.

done.  pillow box for a few sets.  ribbon + a clip for decoration.

These will certainly come in handy for Easter baskets, birthday gift extra somethings, and big sister gifts when friends have new babies.  And, of course, I have a little girl whose hair would benefit from a hair clip now and then.

I'm linking up with Tatertots and Jello.  Hope your weekend is a great one (and germ free) - that's what I'm hoping for also!