Tutorial: Fabric Framed Sign Art

Dear Reader,

I decided to try out a craft project this weekend with some extra linen from the wreath project and an old wall hanging frame that was sitting in our storage room.   Here is the result:

There are so many possibilities of art that could be crafted together in a similar way for gift giving.  A 5" letter followed by a name for a nursery (example: A, Abi), the name of a couple and their wedding date, a family name and the established date as a housewarming, etc.   Below are the steps to this project:

1. Gather supplies.  You'll need: one frame, one piece of foam board or cork board, fabric, chipboard letters, hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, ruler, spray paint, and any embellishments (I used ribbon.)

2. Begin by spray painting the chipboard letters.  They will likely need two coats of paint.  I used an ivory satin paint.

3. Take apart the wall hanging frame.  You will need the actual frame and the backing, but the glass and any matting will not be used. Using the frame's back, trace the size of the frame on the foam board with a pencil and cut.  Then take the foam board and cut fabric to size, leaving an additional inch on each side to fold over the fabric.

4. Hot glue the fabric to the foam board by wrapping the additional fabric around the back side of the foam board and placing a thin bead of glue around the perimeter of the fabric to attach.  With my project, I added the ribbons prior to adding the chipboard letters to help define the placement of the lettering.  Hot glue the ends of the ribbons to the back of the foam board, making certain to pull taut as you glue.

5. Lay out the lettering and use a ruler for even positioning of letters.  Hot glue letters to the fabric.

And that's it.  This was an easy project that I am likely to repeat.  Please feel free to contact me if any additional details would be helpful.

The Sincerely Abi sign is now on an easel in our office.  I've tucked a few business cards in the ribbons, and the sign is a nice reminder of the fun that I have with the shop and blog.




  1. That's lovely, and the possibilities are endless!

  2. I love the ribbon with the banner!! What a great idea...


  3. i'm inspired!! i'm going to copy you, hopefully that's ok! :) thanks for sharing your craftyness!

  4. Super cute! You are so creative Abi! I love it!