Five for Friday: Today

Dear Reader,

It's Friday afternoon, and the day is scooting along mighty quickly.  I decided this week to list five things that have made me smile today.

One. Sunshine.  With many rainy days this week, what a wonderful way to welcome the weekend.

Two. Royal wedding.  I loved waking up to this beautiful event with all the pomp and circumstance, and her dress is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.

Three.  Laundry advice.  My son wore a new pair of socks yesterday which he thought were too big.  I said we may need to put them away for a little while and allow his feet to grow a bit more.  His response, "Mom, just put the socks in the washer with hot water, and they'll shrink right up."  How did he know this?  Curious George.  Seriously.

Four.  New treasury.  The handwriting patterned blocks made into a lovely collection of items.  Please check it out

Five. Slow cooker dinner.  In the last few months, I've made it a habit to do a slow cooker recipe each Friday so that very little cooking and cleaning has to happen on Friday night - a treat for me! 

And that's five.   Happy Friday! 


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