Five for Friday: Savoring Spring

Dear Reader,

This past week has brought such a welcome change in the air with warmer temperatures and a number of wonderfully sunny days.  I decided to name off five of my favorite aspects of moving into springtime:

One. My son's bike rides around the block.  He couldn't be happier about time spent outside on his bike, and I enjoy walking (sometimes running) along with him.

Two. Daffodils.  I love how clumped together they often are, which creates this lovely burst of yellow.

Three.  Birds chirping outside my window.  So nice.

Four. More daylight.  It seems like there is more time in the day when it's still bright and sunny at 8 p.m.

Five. Trading snow brushes for umbrellas.  At this time of year, somehow rainy days seem more appealing than snowy ones.  Seriously.

And that's five.  What has been a highlight for you as spring has sprung?

Happy Friday!


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