Five for Friday: Spring Salads

Dear Reader,

It's April!  Springtime makes me start longing for grilling outside and eating lots of cut up fruit and fresh vegetables.  Here are five of my favorite ingredients in a spring salad:

One. Mixed greens.  Love a bit of variety instead of exclusively iceberg lettuce (though iceberg wedges are so yummy!)

Two. Sliced strawberries.  (If you're not a strawberry person, pears are a treat too!)

Three. Chopped pecans. 

Four. Parmesan cheese shreds.  (I'm all about the goat cheese, but Parmesan is more popular with my family.)

Five. Poppyseed dressing or a berry vinegrette.

And that's five.  Do you have a favorite salad you'd like to share?  I'm always up for new ideas!  Happy Friday!


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