Five for Friday: Kitchen Essentials

Dear Reader,

I recently purchased a wedding gift, which made me think about the wedding presents that my husband and I received - specifically the kitchen tools.  I decided to list off my top five items for the kitchen*:
One.  Pyrex 4-cup measuring cup.  I use this for cooking and baking constantly.

Two. Oxo mixing bowls.  In baking with my three and a half year old, these bowls manage to stay in place.  Amazing!

Three.  Rubbermaid Premier food storage containers.  These containers have stood up to years of my husband taking his lunch to work, and they clean up very nicely.

Four.  Pampered chef tongs.  I think these are a very clever design, and they are a great serving piece as well.
Five. Cutco potato peeler.   I have found this peeler to be a great staple with my kitchen tools. 

And that's five.  What are some of your favorite kitchen essentials?  Please let me know!

Happy Friday!


* I included brand names above only as my personal preference.  

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