Sincerely Abi, Welcome to Facebook!

Dear Reader,

I took the Facebook plunge this weekend.  Sincerely Abi now has a page.  I really struggled to get this going.  I've been thinking about establishing my shop on Facebook for a month or so, but in some ways lacked the confidence of letting all of my friends and family know about this shop of mine.  (Perhaps I've taken a soft opening to a shop to a new level.)

Late last week I finally reached two conclusions:

1. I have incredibly supportive people in my life, and I'd like them to know about this part of my life.
2. I'm very satisfied with the items that I produce for Etsy, so why be shy about sharing them?

I'm glad to have taken this step, and have thoroughly appreciated the kind feedback that has come with this embrace of a bit of social media.

Twitter next?  We'll see.


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