Shop Updates and Picking out a Pattern

Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed by now, I added two new sets of blocks to the shop this past weekend.  The number and bike patterned blocks and the red flower patterned blocks both make me anxious for warmer temps to enjoy life outside soon! 

I am finishing up a custom set of blocks, which has been a fun project, and I'm working on a set of blocks for my dear three and a half year old.  He received my very first version of blocks prepared, and let's just say that my skills at block-making have improved in the past few years!   My issue with getting a set ready for him is that my son keeps changing his mind on a pattern.  Bikes.  Rockets.  Bikes with rockets on them.  Owls.  Dinosaurs.  Race cars.  I'm not sure when I'll have the final answer from him.

He loves the blocks that I make and always wants to "fix" them when I'm taking photos to try to match all of the patterns.   He's also my second shooter for taking pictures of the sets, which makes it fun for both of us.   Between my husband's work on cutting the blocks and my son's photography and matching skills, this is clearly becoming a family affair!


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