Friday's Feature: Maric Fine Goods

Dear Reader,

It is fair to say that I'm more than slightly obsessed with handbags.  I love that handbags can combine function and style so effortlessly.  With a good handbag, I am able to carry the necessities of everyday life in something that creates a fashionable accessory to my attire.  All in one.  Amazing. 

When my eye caught the Wool Tote in Yellow Plaid, I couldn't wait to feature Maric Fine Goods.  Mary has designed some exquisite handbags, totes, and clutches with very fresh, modern style.  And yet, if you read the detailed description of each item, these handbags are quite practical for everyday use as well.

I have highlighted three of my favorites below, but, really, I could have highlighted any item from this shop and thought it is such a find!  Enjoy!


The Milano Handbag - Red Wool
Wool Tote Yellow Plaid - Milano Tote

Wool Clutch Grey Box Plaid Wool - Sapporo Clutch

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