Friday's Feature: Chella's Collection

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Believe it or not, I'm starting to think towards December and the gift giving that comes with that time of year.  My goal with any gift is twofold: first, to find something that is useful, and, second, to seek out items that demonstrate awareness of the person's experiences and likes.

Chella's Collection is a lovely shop, producing some beautifully crafted map pendants (and staying very true to a product line, something I admire and appreciate.)  When I first looked at these pendants, I thought to myself this one would be perfect for... and this one for...  I could easily draw connections to family and friends who would appreciate the momento that one of these pendants would provide.  For example, one of my friends just returned from a fall getaway to Cape Cod with her husband.  What a great way to remember the trip!  Or a family friend of ours spent six months studying in Sydney, and she talks about her time there with such fondness.  I'm sure she'd love the pendant that takes her back to that location.  And, having grown up in Chicagoland, I have many friends and family who appreciate the Cubs and some who have even lived in Wrigleyville.  These are great!  

I have highlighted three of the pendants below.  Enjoy!


CAPE COD Map Pendant in Silver

SYDNEY Australia Map Pendant


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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the nice write-up on your blog. "Connections". That one word really sums it up. I hear story after story and I become so "connected" to their experiences, many of which, go back to family roots. May your readers enjoy the journey.........Sincerely-Julie Coash @