Friday's Feature: Loop Loft

Dear Reader,

I am at an age where many friends of mine have small children, and the announcement of a new arrival in my circle of friends seems to happen often these days.  I am always on the lookout for new ideas, wonderful presents to welcome the darling new babies.  Or the perfect gift for a child's birthday party.  Or a great Christmas package for our nephew or niece. 

Loop Loft fulfills so many of the qualities that make a good gift - well-coordinated items that are intentionally paired, practical and useful items for the recipient, eco friendly, and, may I add, adorable?  This shop has a variety of great gift items, not only for children, but I will highlight three items below which I think would make amazing gifts for the kids in your lives.  Enjoy!


BLANKIE AND SOFTIE gift set in a travel case

eco friendly REPURPOSED bird named FRED

BLANKIE and SOFTIE gift set in a travel case

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