The table has turned!

Dear Reader,

Let me start by saying that I'm a chronic furniture mover.  I love to test new room arrangements regularly, and I came by this habit naturally as my mother switched around the furniture quite often during my childhood.   Most of the time I don't like all of the elements of changing around a room, but perhaps a good tweak in my favorite room arrangement arises from the attempt.

We have a great room that encompasses our kitchen, dining room, and living room, and sometimes I worry that the dining room seems to get left behind!  About a year ago I purchased a rug for under the dining room table which very much improved the definition of this room.  This past weekend, I decided to turn our oval table 90 degrees.  I thought it would not be a good option, and I've included a photo of to explain why...

OK, our dining room is a bit of a tight space.  The kitchen (and hightop counter bar) is immediately to the right of this photo, and the slider to the outside deck is immediately to the left.  I've always thought that adding length by turning the table to the way it is shown above would only make the room feel more cramped.  Not so.  I didn't realize how much necessary space is added by pulling out a chair at the table. (This may seem obvious to others, but I just figured this out!)

Interestingly, sometimes very minor changes seem to make a space much more inviting and functional.  Next up, freshening the decor on the buffet and trying to determine a softening of the two windows above the buffet.  Any suggestions?


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