An HGTV Favorite

Dear Reader,

We spent this past weekend in my hometown celebrating my husband's thirtieth birthday.   We had a wonderful time eating at some delicious restaurants, hanging out with my family, and fitting in a bit of shopping.  Another highlight for my husband, son, and me is a bit of cable television watching.  We don't have cable at our house, and so it's a fun treat when we visit my parents.  My son loves the early morning programming on the Disney channel, and my mom has me hooked on Sarah Richardson featured on HGTV.

I love the series Sarah's House and am excited to check out Sarah 101 (and her holiday special this year was phenomenal in my opinion!)  She manages to find a wonderful balance of transformational design and decor while being aware of budget and functionality.  Her choice of patterns is exceptional, and I'm often surprised by her selection of fabrics and yet so taken with the end result.  I'm always impressed by the inclusion of both new furniture and revamped antique pieces.  And the dynamics of Sarah and her designer sidekick Tommy are an added bonus, where witty humor and great ideas reign. 

This blog is about sharing what inspires me, and Sarah Richardson's designs certainly prompt me to be more conscious of my own decorating and hopefully a bit more innovative in making small tweaks to my home!  Thanks Sarah!


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