Most Mondays

Dear Reader,

Happy Monday! Our town just received what the weather forecasters call a "wintery mix" with plenty of snow and ice. Needless to say, last night and this morning have provided ample opportunity to spend time shoveling! The continuing snowy weather is getting a little tiresome, so I'm trying to view a positive in my life instead of looking at the driveway.

I so appreciate how most Mondays look in my life these days. With being an at home mom, I am able to often use this day as catch up. Mondays are laundry days. Mondays are grocery shopping days. Mondays are list making, errand completing, follow up with people days.

Some may consider this too routine. I find it a great luxury (and realize that this pace will probably not stay like this forever.) I have the flexibility to carve out time each week to feel organized and ready to go again. I admire those who don't have time to do this and manage to just keep on juggling.

And Mondays are a great day to do puzzles, play trains, read books, move around the furniture in the playroom, and just talk with my favorite three year old. Today has already been a good day, and it's not even 3 p.m.


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