Great Room Update

Dear Reader,

This post could also be titled "How my husband spent his Christmas vacation."  Let me start by saying how much I appreciate my husband's willingness to dive into projects when I come up with new ideas.  He's amazingly competent with diy projects.

Our home has a great room on the main floor that is an open area with the front entry, kitchen, dining, and living room.  Since moving in a year and a half ago, I've often thought that the living room lacked definition and seemed too dark given the deep taupe wall color and limited windows.  The proportions of the room also bothered me as we have cathedral ceilings which somewhat dwarfed our furniture.  (And let's be honest, neither member of this husband and wife team were excited about repainting the room with these high ceilings!)

My idea (beautifully implemented by my dear husband) was to add a horizontal trim piece about 5 feet up from the baseboards and vertical trim along the wall, all in white.  I've included the photo below to give a peek at the results.  Yes!  Check check!


We extended the trim from the living room to the front entry (shown here)
to give symmetry to an arched doorway in the room.

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