Felt Flowers

Dear Reader,

I've spent a lot of time at home this January, which has actually worked out just fine.  I will say though that I started to get a bit of cabin fever early in the month, resulting in trying a new project.  I had a baby gift to package and thought a felt flower on top would be an awesome addition.  Full disclosure: my very talented friend Jill at Cora Anne has given me Christmas presents the last two years with a handmade felt bow in 2009 and then this past year with a Pleated Poppy petal pusher!  Her beautiful gift prep provided the inspiration to make these:

I used three tutorials on felt flowers (found here, here, and here!), added button embellishments from my button box, and then hot glued on a clothespin to create a reusable flower/bow.   (This also solidified my love of a hot glue gun!)  Here is the baby gift with the felt flower:

I'm really pleased with the result.  (So much so that I made about a dozen Christmas versions for the 2011 holiday season.  Cabin fever?  Yes, that's for sure!)


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