Workspace: Before and After

Dear Reader,

My husband, son, and I moved into our current home a little more than a year ago.  We transitioned from a home built in 1945 which we spent five years entirely redoing to a house built five years ago which needed very little tweaking.  I have discovered though that I need to live in a home for some time before completely decorating the space.  

Our office has been an area that was functional but dull.  The room had good "bones" : neutral walls, a lovely white desk and bookshelf (a la Pottery Barn), and banana leaf baskets for storage and some texture.  I didn't want to spent a lot of money on a redo, so I simply bought a lamp and two art prints.   Here are the results.


Just. Plain. Boring.

Lovely blue lamp from Marshalls - $35
Artwork found at a sidewalk sale in a nearby town - $150
This room seems so much more inviting with just a few additions to the space.  Now, onto finding new bedding for our master bedroom (easier said than done, but that's another post.)


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