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Dear Reader,

In establishing this blog, I tried to select a photo for the header that complimented the concept of inspiration.  My husband took this photo in 2005 on a Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago.  (By the way, the original Ferris wheel was constructed in 1893 for exhibition in Chicago.  And, Dad, did you love that I just inserted that fact?!)  Anyway, I love Ferris wheels, and here's why:

Ferris wheels remind me of amusement parks where there seem to be endless rides and games which make the whole experience so full and exciting.  Similarly, when I think about creativity and inspiration, the opportunities abound.  There is always a way to add, subtract or tweak the decor of a room.  In the rare moments where I think I've established a method to a craft, I'm always looking for a new take on it!  The world of possibility seems endless.

Ferris wheels also seem to be a bit nostalgic, a ride enjoyed for generations.  When I reflect on the current craft movement, I think about how many of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents took great pride in the handmade items they created.  While the reason for producing handmade may have been more of a necessity in their generations, I think it's significant that these crafts and artistic endeavors have been (and may continue to be) carried on.

And, finally, Ferris wheels are fun.  I find that seeking after new concepts - others and my own - is FUN!  How enjoyable to see one's own project come together or see another person's take on how to make that (whatever that is.)

This is my rationale for the photo in the header.  And, no, I do not sell or promote amusement park supplies.


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