Jumping In Again

Dear Reader,

About a year and a half ago, I started a blog.  I had been an at home mom for over a year and read other peoples' blogs so regularly, but struggled to determine how I wanted to share my story.  I wanted to preserve memories of my thoughts at the time and, even more, the small stories of everyday life with my husband and son.  I love writing notes to people via e-mail but also in handwritten form on pretty stationary.  Enter: Sincerely Abi - a blog that is a play on words with Dear Abby with posts written as letters.  I found that writing these notes to my readers (which, to be honest, began as my husband and maybe my mom) was the perfect way to capture the story of the moment with enough details but not too many. 

At the beginning of summer I started an Etsy shop.  I love to try crafts and found this community to be the perfect way to join in a wonderful movement of handmade.  Now I think it's the right time to start a blog more dedicated to my crafts and what inspires me in giving gifts to others, organizing and decorating a home, and just featuring other lovely works of art that are ready to be noted somewhere.

I invite you to join me as I jump in, and try this new experiment in finding inspiration and appreciating life every day.


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