Chronic Craft Experiments

Dear Reader,

I consider myself to be a fairly organized person. I like to plan for things. I like to arrive early. I like to schedule our meals for the coming week. I like creating files (using my trusty label maker.) I like keeping my spices in alphabetic order for easy access. In most areas of my life, I like order.

Besides the obvious need to be "go with the flow" with my two year old, there is another aspect of my life that shows no order or natural progression. I really enjoy trying crafts. (Please note the word "trying" in that sentence.) Here are just a few of the crafts that I've attempted:

- scrapbooking (one book, maybe two)
- knitting (a few scarfs)
- basket weaving (one completed, another started)
- stamping (cards, place cards, invites)
- baby block making (occasionally revisited for select new babies)
- sock puppet sewing (as a special favor to my then one year old)
- decoupage collage making(one set of three prints)
- upholstering (one ottoman)

And now, drum roll please, I'm onto card making. We'll see how long this lasts! I think I enjoying trying the craft more than sticking with it, but I always justify the start of a new one by thinking that this craft will: 1. be the one for me and 2. save so much money rather than buying [fill in the blank]. With this evolution of craft experiences over the years though, I'm coming to terms with the fun being as much in the creating as in the end product.


Originally posted by Sincerely Abi on September 8, 2009

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