Dear Reader,

These seem to be the golden days of summer.  Days often full of sunshine and warm temperatures.  Days where daylight seems to stretch just a little beyond expectations.  Days where the tasks at hand are mingled with moments of great relaxation.  My husband, son, and I enjoyed a weekend getaway which offered some lovely family time and time to just relax.

We spent time with my husband's parents at the lake cottage where they vacation each summer.  (This year marks 25 years of vacationing in this town, and I am so pleased for my in-laws to have this vacation experience.)  Fun full-circle moments occur as my husband remembers his childhood vacations up there and now shares these experiences with our four year old son.  And the water there is exceptional, a beautiful shade of greenish blue and clear to the sandy bottom.

We also took our son to a water park for an overnight (part of his fourth birthday celebration.)  He soaked up each moment of fun, and we delighted in his total enjoyment.

This week promises to move by quickly with many scheduled times, but hopefully we hold on to a bit of the calm and contentment of the weekend.

What moments are standing out in your summer?  I'd love to hear. (And perhaps there are more than could be mentioned, and that's all together wonderful as well.)

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  1. sounds like you're a fun mama!

  2. What a beautiful place to vacation. It's wonderful that your son can make some of the same childhood memories as his dad.

  3. I love the water! Looks like a beautiful place you visited. Moments standing out in my summer - taking my daughter to the pool :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Oh it looks so beautiful. We did are regular 4th of July camping. Although I'm not much of a camper, it does make me feel like summer has arrived.

  5. What a beautiful photo! Sounds like a lovely place to spend lazy summer days. I'm trying to soak in every moment I have with my boys...they go by too quickly!