Five for Friday (on Sunday): Father's Day

Dear Reader,

Today promises to be a fun day.  I have the opportunity to spend time with both my dad and my father-in-law to celebrate them and their roles in my life, my husband's life, and our son's life too!  I also celebrate the amazing father my husband is to our son.  Here are five of my favorite qualities about him as a dad:

One. Curiosity and explanations. My husband is exceptional at encouraging our son's curiosity and interest in how things work (a quality that both my husband and son so naturally possess), and my husband excels at teaching and explaining.

Two. Patience.  When I seem to be running low on patience, my husband offers such solid words and expectations of our son.  Grateful that we share in parenting well.

Three.  Fun.  He provides endless moments of laughter and enjoyment for our son, and I count on his playful spirit as a dad to our boy!

Four. Kindness.  I am not overstating this by saying that my husband is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  He demonstrates kindness and consideration as a father so often.

Five. Love.  My husband expresses his love to our son through carefully listening to him, through making certain that he kisses him goodnight before bed each night and each morning before he goes to work, through affirming the great things our boy does and through his thoughtful words of discipline and forgiveness when our son makes mistakes.

And that's five!  I consider myself blessed to be able to parent with my husband!

If it weren't enough to celebrate Father's Day today, I have another GREAT reason to celebrate.  My friend Kara turns thirty today!  Happy Birthday, dear friend.  Your friendship is such a constant gift in my life!  Can't wait to celebrate together soon!


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