Five for Friday: Common Questions

Dear Reader,

The weekend is just about to arrive - woo hoo!  I hope you are having a nice start to your Friday.  I'm writing today about the most common questions I have received about my Etsy shop from family, friends, and buyers alike.  Here goes...

One. What made you decide on making blocks?  In the past ten years or so, I have tried many crafts both as a creative outlet and a way to make handmade gifts, but I never settled on one craft that I wanted to repeat regularly.  After my son was born, I thought it would be interesting to develop a gift for the many new babies born to our friends and family.  Enter: baby blocks. The style of my block sets has certainly evolved over time, but I have a fairly firm process by this point.  Now the fun comes from selecting patterns and continuing to find ways to make the blocks even more environmentally friendly. 

Two. Tell me more about milk paint.  I first learned about milk paint from my cousin who painted her baby's crib using milk paint.  I appreciate milk paint because it is non-toxic, water based, and made with milk and lime.  Because I often mix colors and proportions, I enjoy that each set of blocks is a bit unique in its coloring.

Three. Who makes your blocks?  My dear husband.  We usually select the wood together, and then he cuts and sands the blocks by hand.  (Side note: my husband is incredibly talented at woodworking!)

Four. Do you take custom orders? Absolutely.  I have made blocks for new babies and for home decor, and if you are thinking about a set as a gift, I am glad to mail them directly to the recipient with a gift tag enclosure with a personal message.  

Five.  Do you give blocks as gifts?  I certainly do.  I often like to pair a set of blocks with a nice sleeper or sleep sack.  I must admit that the first sets that I gave as gifts (about four years ago) were not as polished of a product.  I've definitely learned better methods along the way.

And that's five.  Any other questions?  Please let me know!

Happy Friday!


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