Five for Friday: Birthdays Remembered

Dear Reader,

In just a few days, I turn thirty.  I'm looking forward to this birthday and the year ahead.  Here are a few memorable birthday celebrations from past years:

One. Twenty-one.  On my 21st birthday my boyfriend took me for a picnic dinner at our favorite beach and asked me to marry him.  One of my favorite nights ever.

Two. Twenty-two.  The night of our wedding rehearsal and dinner.  The rehearsal went really smoothly.  The dinner was very enjoyable (my in-laws did a lovely job hosting.)  The night was topped off with late night bowling with our wedding party.  Fun.

Three. Five. Clown party at our house.  Every child had a fabulous clown costume, and we did a big wheel parade with streamers and balloons around our neighborhood.  We also ate clown cones for dessert.  (Every year between the ages of one and ten could be listed as a favorite though; my parents always made them quite special!)

Four.  Eighteen.  Starting a very nice getaway with my parents after celebrating my graduation from high school and open house in the previous two days.

Five. One.  Do I actually remember this birthday? No.  But this first birthday started a long-standing tradition of angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries for my birthday cake.  Early June birthday = perfect time for strawberry birthday dessert!

And that's five.  Happy Friday!


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