Friday's Feature: Red Letter Words

Dear Reader,

I appreciate art that is simple and sparks a thought, a feeling, and a sense of enjoyment and gratitude.  I think Red Letter Words' shop is a lovely example of providing innovative design while simply presenting text.  And the variety of text options abounds -  words that bring us to destinations and hometowns, words that recall remembrances and return us to restful retreats, and words that inspire and bless.

Below are three of my favorites.  Please consider visiting Red Letter Words' Etsy site (and maybe check out the sister shop Talk Bubble Art too?!!)  Enjoy!


Chicago City Sights in Black 12X12 CAFE MOUNT

Sandcastles and Waves and Seashells - Beach Favorites in Black 12X12 CAFE MOUNT

Hope is an Anchor to the Soul - 12X12 CAFE MOUNT

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  1. I LOVE Red Letter Words! The Jeremiah 29:11 print has been on my wish list for a long time now!