Late to the party

Dear Reader,

How are you, friend?  My summer vacation from blogging extended into fall and early winter too!  The first months of the year are always an energizing time for me - yes, even in the midst of winter grays days in Michigan.  I love making fresh to do lists, reorganizing our home while putting away the Christmas decorations, and considering what the year could hold.

Our son started kindergarten this fall which brought a new rythm to our family life and a realization of just how fast our boy is growing up!  We celebrated our daughter's first birthday three days after Christmas and watched her take off walking soon thereafter.  I consider my time delightfully full with great joys and moments of challenge.

I have missed the time to create - with words and with crafting items.  January brought the start of my enjoyment of Pinterest and Instagram (both under sincerelyabi).  I am late to join them, but realizing the fun of these sites now.  And with them has brought renewed interest in creating and reimagining.

And block making?  Not right now.  Maybe again someday.  The ideas are still there!  For today, short term projects seem to fit my lifestyle best.

Thanks for reading, and more on new projects soon!

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