Craft Show Recap

Dear Reader,

I hope that your Monday has started well!  After a number of posts and references to the craft show, I thought a quick recap would be in order.  Here are a few highlights from the day:
  • Meeting some very kind people who expressed interest in the blocks
  • Seeing some wonderful family and friends who stopped by or sent a "thinking of you" text (including a visit from Jill who stopped by with her less than week old precious newborn - impressive, right?!)
  • Spending time with my mom, mother-in-law, and dear friend Kara who all helped with the booth - many thanks to each of them!
  • Talking with the two fabulous women with booths close to mine, both very talented women who seem to juggle their businesses and family life very well
The word that comes to mind in all of this is gratitude.  I am thankful for the family and friends that support me in this endeavor.  Thankful to have found a good creative outlet for myself.  Thankful for people who would enjoy giving the blocks as gifts to their family and friends.  Did everything go just as planned this weekend?  Not really.  And yet, all of the highlights point to a positive experience well worth the effort.

Thanks for reading! 

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