Last Minute Gift Guide

Dear Reader,

In running errands this morning, it is entirely clear to me that Christmas is almost here!  I hope that your preparations are coming along well.  I want to offer a few last minute gift ideas that have come in handy for me this year.

1. An amaryllis.  My husband picked up one for me this year, and I love watching it bloom.  I would highly recommend an amaryllis over paperwhites (paperwhites are too fragrant for me.)
2. A small box of chocolates.  If possible, purchasing chocolates from a local candy shop seems even more special.  (Source: Kilwins)
3. Comfort and Joy Tea.  Any Republic of Tea blends are a treat.  (Source: Republic of Teas)
4. Christmas blocks.  Let's be honest, blocks are always a good idea!  (Source: Uncle Goose)
5. Thermos mug.  This is my husband's favorite (a gift received from my sister-in-law), and a great option for commuters!  (Source: Target)
6. The Piano Guys: A Family Christmas.  (Source: Target)

Happy Shopping!

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