Extended Christmas Break

Dear Reader,

With only a few more days until Christmas, I hope that your final preparations for the holiday are coming together well and that you are enjoying these last days of anticipating the celebration.  My son and I made a batch of Christmas cookies that we completed at about 7:30 in the evening, and then we both sampled one.  Not a wise move on my part to give my dear four year old a cookie so close to bedtime, but he thoroughly enjoyed it!

My husband, son, and I are certainly looking forward to Christmas.  We will be celebrating with my family on Christmas Eve and with my husband's family on Christmas Day.  We love that our small families and proximity to one another allow us to see everyone on holidays!  And after Christmas the anticipation continues.  We are looking towards the arrival of our second baby before the end of 2011!  We can't wait!

As you would imagine, I am hoping to savor this next period of time as fully as possible.  I will be writing here as time allows.  The shop will reopen sometime in the New Year.   And in the meantime, I hope and pray for healthy, happy moments with my growing family.

Merry Christmas!  Best to each of you as you begin 2012.  And thank you for reading.

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