Five for Friday: Sliders Toppings

Dear Reader,

So, we left off with yesterday's recipe with grilled burgers on a bun with some cheese (colby jack, provolone, or Swiss would all be good options.)  Today I am going to suggest five versions of three ingredient toppings to add a little extra flavor to the burgers (having condiment stations works great for parties and is a fun twist on grilling out burgers!)   And the beauty of sliders is that people can try more than one combination!  Here are five ideas:

One.  The All-American =  ketchup + mustard + pickles

Two. Southwestern Style = salsa + sour cream + shredded lettuce

Three.  Italian Inspired = marinara sauce + Parmesan cheese + oregano

Four. BBQ Brilliance =  BBQ sauce + ranch dressing + shoestring potato shreds

Five. Reuben Recipe =  thousand island dressing + sauerkraut + dill

And that's five.  The possibilities are endless, and you may have a guest that really goes the extra mile to try something new!

Happy Friday!


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